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Ann Wolfe Starring in More TV Movie Roles

Ann Wolfe is known by many in the boxing community as a destroyer. She
compiled a record of 24-1, 16 KO’s. There was one time we were hoping to
get Wolfe vs Laila Ali to fight but it never materialized. Recently we saw
a glimpse of Ann Wolfe in DC Universe in the blockbuster movie “Wonder
Woman”. Most people missed it but boxing fans caught it.

Now she is the works with TNT to do a movie on her life. It chronicles her
life story of a damaged woman with the mentality, “Kill or be Killed”. That
is great for the boxing ring but bad business in her personal life with
caused a lot of drama.

Also, Ann is supposed to be working on Wonder Woman 2, along with a small
role in upcoming DC films. Recently Ann posted she can’t believe she is
about to put on a dress at a fitting rehearsal at WB Warner Bros. Stay
tuned for more updates soon.