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Antonio Orozco TKOS Gibson in Four

By Alejandro Ramirez
Las Vegas, Nevada – Antonio Orozco (26-0) remains undefeated after defeating KeAndre Gibson (16-1-1) in the main event of Golden Boy Live on ESPN.
Gibson movement and jabs gave Orozco some in issues in the opening round. Orozco made a late comeback attacking the body to make the first round a very close round. Orozco continued to work on the body in the second round, and Gibson did not have an answer. Orozco continued to grow in the fight and started to land heavy body shots at will.
Orozco came in confident in the fourth and landed a one-two that sent Gibson to the canvas. Gibson beat the count but never fully recover. Gibson never fully recover on his feet and forced referee Russell Mora to waive the fight off.
Antonio Orozco improves his record to (26-0) and wins the vacant NABC super lightweight title. After this impressive win, Orozco gets closer for a major title fight.
Photo: Lina Baker, SeeYouRingside Photography

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