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Barrios & Roman Quotes


“Body work is something I’ve been able to work on. You put the body work
in early and by the end of the fight they have nothing left. That worked
perfectly for this fight.

“This was the farthest I’ve gone in a while. It was great work and I feel
like I’m transitioning to the fighter that I always thought I’d be.

“I feel I’m ready (for a title shot). I feel strong. I feel fast. I’m
young, but whatever my managers throw at me I’m ready. If I could get it
tomorrow, I’d take it.

“In every fight there are always changes you realize you could’ve made
earlier. In every fight you learn, you make adjustments and you become a
better fighter.”


“I felt like it was a good fight and I was hanging in there the best I
could, until that hit that took me down. My eye started flickering and I
couldn’t see.”