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Canelo Alvarez Defeats Liam Smith by KO in the 9th Round – Plus Quotes

Canelo BodyCanelo Alvarez Quotes:

“First of all, I want to say I told you I was going to give a great fight and get the championship and here it is. I started going after him, but in the second round I hurt my hand. I hurt my right hand and had to use the left more often. There was some disparity but that’s what happened. I felt he was very strong in the beginning so I had to put the body work and felt he would dwindle, that’s how I did my job. I give big punches with my body shots, and I enjoyed it very much. I fear no man. I am the best fighter in this. About a month ago, we offered GGG three or four times as much to make the fight. We are ready for him and he doesn’t want to accept. As I said, we are a team and I fear no one. I fight the best and I want to fight the best, I am the best at this sport and Viva La Mexico!”


“Liam Smith was a resilient fighter, he has tough, has a lot of heart. He thinks before he attacks, I could tell in the way he blocked in the way he approached me.  I was actually only using my left hand for the most part, making sure left hand was connecting with power.  I hurt my right hand in the second round when I hit him in the head. The body shot, was what I focused on, making sure I worked his body down, and that is what secured the victory today.”


Liam Smith Quotes:

“If I would have waited a little longer and gotten more experience I would have been able to fight a guy like that better. I am very disappointed. Canelo was too good today, I needed better timing, my timing was off tonight.”


“It took me a while to get in to it and my timing was awful. I couldn’t really land any punches. I was smaller and had no time to make him even think twice. We caught the body shots well, and he handled his own.”