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Canelo and GGG Ready for War

Alejandro Ramirez
Las Vegas, Nevada- An electric atmosphere at the MGM Grand as thousands (Over 10 Thousand) of fans witness Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin face off for the last time before their “Sold Out” fight at the T-Moblie Arena. Alvarez is fighting for the first time as a full middleweight. Golovkin is not a stranger to the middleweight division as he has been dominating this division for the last couple of years.
Golovkin entered the weigh in with his team as fans “boo” and other cheer for the fighter from Kazakhstan. Alvarez entered the arena, and the crowd exploded with joy and happiness. Michael Buffer was having another rough night as there was some confusion during the fighters introductions, but the crowd did not care as they were excited for main event weigh-ins to begin.

Golvikin stepped on the scale first and weighed in at the limit of 160 pounds. Alvarez as well weighed in at 160 pounds as both fighters looked in excellent shape. Both fighters showed respect and professionalism to each other as the faceoff was happening.

” I will see you tomorrow”. Golovkin said. (When asked about Canelo’s remarks about knocking him out.)

“I’ll show him who Canelo really is. I’m gonna give my fans 100 percent like I always do. I will give them a great fight.”
Canelo Said.

This fight has been one of the most anticipated matches for hardcore boxing fans and now is hours away. The winner of this fight could be considered the best Pound for Pound fighter in the world.

Photo Credit: Lina Baker

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