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Canelo/Golovkin press tour L.A

By Alejandro Ramirez
Los Angles— The last stop of the Canelo/Golovkin press tour took place in Los Angles. The theme was a red carpet event as both fighters talked to the media of their upcoming fight. The turnout of the event was massive. Unfortunately, many fans did not make it into the press conference. Both fighters are enjoying the moment and at peace now that the fight is finalized.

” I felt happy that the fight got made. I am happy that I could finally give the fans what they wanted.” –Canelo

” My first emotion was happiness. I am happy, I am happy.”– Golovkin

Both fighter ready to start training camp. The press conference ended with a long, intense face off. They will not see each other until September 16 in Las Vegas Nevada.

I love Boxing and the Life of LA. Breath, Eat, and Sleep Boxing.

Alejandro Ramirez