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Cracking Craig Callaghan Scores Unanimous 10 Round Decision

In the main event, welterweight Craig Callaghan (17-1, 7 KOs), of
Liverpool, England, deployed a stick-and-move strategy to win a 10-round
unanimous decision over Josue Garcia (7-5, 4 KOs). Callaghan had previously
outpointed Garcia over six rounds last year.

Standing six-foot-one, Callaghan, 29, worked his left jab overtime to keep
Garcia at bay. At opportune moments, he stepped in with left hooks and
straight rights to mix things up. Garcia tauntingly dropped his gloves and
defiantly challenged Callaghan to open up, which Callaghan did in
calculated spurts.

When Garcia managed to close the distance, he landed short hooks, crosses
and uppercuts that seemed to rattle Callaghan more than any of Callaghan’s
punches rattled him. But his offensive surges were too fleeting and far
between to shift the momentum of the fight.

Aware that he was badly behind on the scorecards, Garcia let it all hang
out in the final round by swinging for the fences, sporadically grazing
Callaghan with haymakers. But Callaghan kept his cool, hung tough and
evaded disaster by circling away from the danger zone.

The scores were 100-90 and 98-92 (twice), all for Callaghan.

“The key was to use my jab and lateral movement,” Callaghan said. “It was a
good fight. I’ve never been past six rounds before so it was a good
experience. He’s definitely tough. He caught me a couple of times but I was
able to shake it off.”