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Garcia vs. Easter Quotes


“It’s a great accomplishment
Now we’re back. I told you guys I was coming for bigger things and now
we’re one step closer to achieving that.

“I knew he was a tough opponent. He’s a tough warrior
He gave a great fight but I was
better fighter
I was in control of the fight and I did what I had to do to win.

“I like to stay pat
ent early on. He had a good game plan to use that reach. Once I started
getting into rhythm
we took control. I just had to wait my time. He has some good hand speed
so I just had to be patient and careful.

“I’m more experienced. I’m a hungrier fighter. I’m better than ever. I’m
in my prime.

“I’m here for the biggest challenge
. I don’t know if there is anyone that is a bigger challenge than Errol
Spence. I know he’s up to fight everyone so let’s make it happen.

I think it can be made. I think that’s the next big fight coming up.

“I feel I have the power and the skillset to compete in any division up to
welterweight. He’s the toughest guy at welterweight so I want to face him.”


“He was just a better man tonight. I take my hat off to Mikey. He’s a true

Whenever we step in the ring
both putting our lives on the line and tonight Mikey was victorious.

“I just couldn’t find the timing and I just couldn’t let my right hand go.

“He caught me with a clean shot and I went down, but I got up like a true

“We go back to the drawing board. Whenever we win lose or draw we go back
to the drawing board and we work hard.”