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Jhonatan “Momo” Romero 31-1 Looking To Return To The Spotlight

I fought twice this year to stay busy and keep off the rust. I’m looking to
come back to the US and regain a spot among the top of 122 or 126 division.
I would prefer 126 but if a title eliminator or title shot at 122 I’m
there. I think Vargas is the best at 122 but all would be tough but
winnable fights.

At 126 stacked division I would love to fight Oscar Valdez or Leo Santa
Cruz as those are not only great opportunities for me but they are great
for the fans and boxing. I trained with Oscar under Manny Robles and we
sparred many many rounds I have great respect for Oscar and his team but I
would love the opportunity. Frank Espinoza can call my manager Mauricio
Gonzalez and get the promoters on board. I don’t think Leo has a fight
either but 126 is loaded Gary, Carl, Quigg, Marrero on and on.

As for myself like many boxers, I started boxing out of necessity. I
represented my country in the Olympics I won a world title IBF Super
bantamweight and lost it. I tasted the top and had a big fall, my next
opportunity I know what it will take to get to the top and stay there. I
know my team is looking to get me a fight in the US soon and I will be

To the boxing fans look for Momo Romero as you will be in to see a great
boxer and great show. Thank you to my team promoter Thompson, managers
Mauricio Gonzalez and Bernardo.

The best way to thank them is by winning fights. Thank you for your time.