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PHILADELPHIA – Boxing fans certainly love a knockout, and 2017 was full of
them in Philly. Of the many big KOs last year, the best of them all
was by *Marcel
Rivers*, at the 2300 Arena last September. Rivers, in his third
professional fight, scored a picture-perfect-one punch-knockout of Osnel
Charles in the fourth round. For this perfect punch, Rivers will receive a
Briscoe Award for the “2017 Knockout of the Year”, on *March 25, 2018*, at
the* 11th Annual Briscoe Awards*.

“It is exactly why boxing fans come out to the fights,” said John DiSanto,
founder of the Briscoe Awards. “Big knockouts always steal the show, and
Marcel’s was the biggest.”

The Briscoe Awards commemorate the best accomplishments of the Philly-area
boxing scene. A total of eleven prizes will be given out in a variety of
categories, including “Philly Fighter of the Year”, “Philly Fight of the
Year”, “Amateur of the Year”, “Rookie of the Year”, “Prospect of the Year”,
and others.

Advance tickets for the March 25, 2018 Briscoe Awards cost $20 and are
currently available for sale at, or by calling
609-377-6413 <(609)%20377-6413>. Tickets will not be sold at the door. The
$20 admission includes food, draft beer, wine, soft drinks, and a souvenir
program and ticket. The Briscoe Awards will be held at the *VBA
Clubhouse, 2733 Clearfield Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19134