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Mike Conlan stops by TKO Alfredo Chanez

By Kevin Davis

Rio 2016Olympic star turned pro boxer, Mike Conlan was back in action in his second pro bout against Alfredo Chanez. Chanez was rocked and down from a strong right hand early on in the first round of action and after surviving a ton a vicious shots in round 1, when  round 2 started Conlan was landing clean, which caused Chanez to start showboating as if he wasn’t hurt, then a low blow was oversold by Chanez as he too 3 mins to recover from Conlan blow. Conlan stormed out his corner as the round was back in session, trying to get Chanez out of the fight. The new burst of rest  was enough to get Chanez to round three, the powerful body attack caused Chanez to use a Mayweather like shoulder roll to try and stop the aggressive assault by Conlan. Chanez trying to complain to buy time in a fight that become to physical for him. Conlan is wearing him down with each body shot. After a hard left to the body Chanez was hurt a then went down from that punch he tried again to complain but it was clear he was outmatched as the fight was called in round 3.