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Is Al Haymon sitting his Golden boy fighters?

By kevin Davis it seems to me that the golden boy drama with Al Haymon is just getting warm. Lamont Peterson is now on a hiatus and now Danny Garcia is mia. Garcia is the biggest name in the division and Manny Pacquiao has named him as a suitable opponent if he avoids a Floyd mayweather bout again. Golden boy promotions split with Richard Schaefer left a sour taste in the mouths of many in the company. They either resigned or were fired. Haymon didn't like how Oscar delahoya teamed up with top… Continue

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why are Pacquiao fans so happy about beating Chris algieri?

By Kevin Davis Manny Pacquiao took on a fighter in Chris algieri who no one heard off until last night and many felt was a huge underdog to win against Pacquiao. The other fans were just there to see how far Pacquiao has slipped. His footwork was terrible,he was caught reaching. Never moved his head. Many ran into so many right hands, I thought he was going to beg for a left. I want to apologize for the boxing fans that were suckers, and thought they would get an exciting bout in return all you… Continue

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Marquez should not fight Pacquiao again

By Kevin Davis when the winds of change start blowing in you're direction. Make sure you capitalize on it right away. Marquez has been the second choice option for top rank promotions, and has not been fairly compensated for his bouts against Manny Pacquiao. Now should demand 10 million dollars, with ppv options. Marquez has more than proved more than once hebisnjust as popular as Pacquiao, who should take a pay cut for his lack of drawing power as of late. If bob arum want to make the fight he… Continue

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Let's Calm Down with All the Marcos Maidana Praise

By Kevin Davis

Marcos Maidana is one of the most powerful fighters of Argentina. He has accomplished a lot more and then he has an actual victory. Even though his skills are not polish and he is a bit wild and unpredictable. At the end of the day. He is the loser in this situation, and the praise should go to Mayweather for finding a way to…


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the boxing stock market

By Kevin Davis I remember the days where the spoils were great. Boxing fans had great matches and explosive talent. What has changed...nothing boxing since 2012 saw their sport losing heavy attention due to the rise of the MMA. Promoters circled the wagons and stopped making showcase fights and begin to make competitive bouts. Like the stock market, boxing indexes are a all-time high. With the boxing economy growing nicely in the preceding years, despite the financial crisis. Years later the… Continue

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when boxing sense makes business sense

By Kevin Davis. Many of the greatest fights in boxing history were negotiated and argued over. Like a political debate.when a fight becomes so big it takes a life of it own. Floyd Mayweather and Canelo let the world build the fight so much that the business end took care of itself. You need to be willing to separate the mere options from opportunities, because they are different. Mayweather don't have options he makes the most of opportunities. There is over 300million at the least that can be… Continue

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Lorenzo Villanueva can still be great, Pacquiao had same flaws

By Kevin Davis


Yes, it's true Lorenzo Villanueva doesn't have a great defense, did Manny Pacquiao ever have one. even now? Pacquiao was never a complete fighter. When he started off he had the same flaws as Villanueva. It took him years to become the…


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Boxingsocialist Exclusive: Floyd Mayweather Jr. speaks on Pacquiao vs Marquez 3, Bob Arum, and much more!

By Kevin Davis


  It's Monday evening, I'm working on the site and my longtime friend Nate Jones, Trainer and Team Mayweather member, call me and say "Brother you want to interview Floyd?" shocked and caught off guard. I say 'hell yeah' so i wait by the…


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Boxing: Miguel Cotto stops Antonio Margarito with ninth round TKO

Boxing: Miguel Cotto stops Antonio Margarito with ninth round TKO


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Forget Mayweather-Pacquiao May 5: Cotto dumping Top Rank to fight Floyd Jr. next

Hottest rumor in boxing is running rampant at Madison Square Garden and a well placed HBO source just confirmed to me that his ears are ringing from hearing it also. There will be no Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao Super Fight on May 5 in Las Vegas if Miguel Cotto, finishing up his contractual obligation to Uncle Bob Arum and Top Rank in his revenge rematch here Saturday night against disgraced Mexican handwrap cheater Antonio Magrarito, wins this bout. Why? Because Boricua Bomber Cotto,…


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PACQUIAO: "Deal is close to being done soon, only little things are in the way now"

WBO welterweight king Manny Pacquiao claims there are only a few "little things" to sort out before he signs to fight Floyd Mayweather Jnr in Las…


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By Kevin Davis


Manny Pacquiao fever has run it's course, pinoy boxing loyalist are focusing on politics now more than anything else. With Freddie Roach saying there were Distractions and Ariza stating there were no Distractions. which one was it? Why can't it be that Juan Manuel Marquez, just did…


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Per FightHype / Vivek Wallace:

Boxing Talk: On FightHype.com Manny Pacquiao's conditioning guru, Alex Ariza said that both he & Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach, as well as Pacquiao have asked for Mayweather next; but Arum simply isn't putting the plan in motion. This "Arum Agenda" didn't just start, but how much longer will it continue?



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Juan Manuel Marquez: The Mexican Pacquiao can't assassinate

By Kevin Davis


 In Roger Mayweather's reign he was known as the Mexican Assassin, because of the way he would go into hostile territory and come out successful. It was a great ploy to anger the Mexican fans, to support any Mexican fighter fighting Mayweather no matter their skill level or…


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"TRAVESTY" Juan Manuel Marquez gets robbed in a fight that wasn't close at all

By Kevin Davis


If you were on Pluto or planet Mars you could hear the roar of the boos, that was coming towards Manny Pacquaio over this horrible decision. The fight starts and it's electric, the energy is high both guys are feeling each other out but it's Juan Manuel Marquez that is the ring…


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Floyd Mayweather NOT GULITY in harassment case

By Kevin Davis and By KEN RITTER - Associated Press


We all hear the stories on how the athletes are so bad, how they get this money and think they are invincible. Then the media but a spin to the reported story and that guy out to be a villain…


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Khan admits there is tension in the Pacquiao camp


Article Link -http://www.boxingscene.com/?m=show&opt=printable&id=45106#ixzz1bELeF2JF

This is a legal waiver. By copying and using the material from this article, you agree to give…


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Sued By Accountants

We SAVED Him from Getting KO'd


Manny Pacquiao's former accountants claim they've discovered the boxer's BIGGEST WEAKNESS ... he sucks at paying his taxes ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by…


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MAYWEATHER: "They better build a robot to fight me"

By Kevin Davis


 In the distant future man may build machines to fight each other,like the movie Reel Steel, but Floyd Mayweather is so great, the fighter to beat him maybe hasn't even been born yet. Boxing fans alike has stated that they would just want to see him…


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By Kevin Davis


 Bob Arum owner of Top Rank Promotions, and promoter of the media darling Manny Pacquiao has handpicked all of Manny Pacquiao matches to his liking, for the sake of making Top Rank profit, which isn't a bad idea but when you cheat the fans of great fights to do this,…


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