What a great night for boxing main event threw an action packed smashmouth night of entertainment came in during the Jennings fight against...... And traded heavy blows with ...throughout the night he later stopped his opponent by way of tko

Next fight I caught was Thomas adamek vs ....... Which was one hell of a fight adamek showed great boxing skills but wasn't able to completely stop the granit chin of ....untill the later rounds ...they traded heavy blows in the ring throught the fight round 7 I could say was one of the best back and forth brutal rounds I have ever seen!! Adamek won by decision and wasn't able to knock out his opponent

Vernon paris vs zab Judah was a very one sided fight in which zab Judah dominated with his speed and smarts landing vicsious uppercuts and straight lefts ..Vernon Paris took a lot of damage in the early rounds which slowed him down during the rest of the fight ...zab was getting hit with some mice body shots from Paris here and there but it wasn't enough to henge the performance of super Judah Judah won in the tenth round

Interview with paulie Malinaggi

Got a chance to get a personal one on one interview with world champion paulie mallinaggi who has an upcoming fight in the Ukraine in may ... Paulie says that he is not looking to go back to welterweight he is gonna stay at 140 he is comfortable there and plans on bringing the WBC tittle back to the Brooklyn .. He had been training currently in new York although his training is usually done now in California in La
Tonight I got to know another side of the majic man that most people might not know.. Paulie mallinaggi is a good business man who has investments in multiple companys from his on restaurant here in new York to real estate stocks computer companies and web sites overseas he has a great plan for his future finances and won't has a focus to not end up as other celebrities who have worked so hard for many years and lost all of there fortunes .. I also learned that mallinaggi is not looking into opening up boxing gyms once he retires like most boxing champions do ...he told me when I asked him that boxing is a tough business for anyone to get into a lot of shady promoters and politics and he wouldnt want his kids to be in that type of lifestyle although it good for keeping kids off the streets he is more interested in other ways of helping out the youth!

Paulie also told me that he wouldn't mind one day being a commentator after his boxing career .. I told him he would be great for the job if he ever did do it please don't be a Larry merchant.. He then told me that he feels they might not allow him to speak his mind how he would wants to .continued on I asked him his thoughts about the upcoming fight with Vernon Paris and zab Judah he stated he really doesn't know much about Paris he gives zab the upper hand all depending on which zab shows up today!!!

After the fight between Vernon paris and Zab Judah I caught up with Vernon who was very disappointed in his performance and witnessed the blood sweat and tear of an undefeated fighter taking his first lost . Very emotional pain and anger comming from the locker room   As you could here furious roaring from the locker room despite all of the pre fight arguments between Judah and Vernon and the thousands in the crowd Vernon went to Zabs locker room to congratulate him and held his head up high... Me personally I think Vernon was not only fighting Judah but because it was in Zabs home town with a very hyped rough Brooklyn crowd I think it was a hard to deal with all of the distraction no excuse or credit taken away from Judah put on an amazing performance and showed why he still is one of the best boxers in the sport today .. But even zab said it at the post fight conference when he talked about Paros comming to his hometown was a bold move and he respected that .. In the end hats off to Vernon Paris who showed he is a warrior who won't quit and showed is chin heart and will as a young upcomming superstar ... This definatley is the end for Vernon Paris and he gained a lot of expiernce from this fight that I feel will make him stronger as his career continues . Vernon showed the heart of a champion and we all look forward to seeing him back in the squared circle soon!

Wasn't able to watch all of the fights in detail because of interviews and other circumstance but overall it was a very productive night!

Hats off to all of the fighters tonight speacial thanks to god without him nothing is possible..  to team Paris team Judah main event boxingsocialist.com all of the security all of the staff at this event riddick bowe don king and the lovely ladies who worked with me At the front desk thank you ! In ending this was a great night for boxing congratulations to all the victorious and everyone who was defeated we look forward to seeing u back in the ring soon peace love and blessings to all


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