Adrien Broner Pushed The Steam Out Of Gavin Rees

by Samaarah Choubak 

Well it was on lock on Saturday night when thousands and millions from around the world watched the WBC lightweight be defended by Adrien Broner against our very own Gavin Rees from Wales, he was a big underdog, no-one knew if him or knew anything about him, neither the crowds and even Broner said he doesn’t know him and hadn’t even watched him on tape.

 Ok so there was no tale of the tape it seems but it was in Atlantic City crowds were very quiet when Rees came on but then Adrien Broner he was a act, an act that can’t be followed, the ring walk with his entourage, the rappers, the Samson twins and his pops parading the WBC title belt, it was a show before they hit the canvas.  It was pure entertainment, he dropping the style of red and silver with the tassels and it was a onezy he wore.

Well fight started with Rees taking the 1st round with lots of power and getting Broner with his punches and jabs he was on the attack and he made some friends in the audience by the end of the three rounds.  Well at one point Broner landed a couple of brilliant right hands then danced for a second to admire his work and clocked by Rees left hook, Rees totally exhausted himself and Broner had a sharp right uppercut and dropped Rees.  There was lots of in- fighting in the  5th he got hurt by a body shot and got counted but carried on, he was a real challenge and gave his best, until he was getting laid into by Broner and his Rees’s trainer was ready with the towel but the ref stopped the fight in the 5th at exactly 2.59 seconds so that was a TKO victory for Broner. He had his hair brushed by his pops and then said  “ You know I can’t start an interview without getting my hair brushed, that’s a tough steak but I ate it.” Broner also said, “ I had to see how much gas was in that little Toyota he was pushing.” So this ended up friendly and funny !

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