Adrien'the Problem' Broner talks to about Gamboa ,Band Camp and Gavin who?

By Kevin Davis


Adrien ' the Problem' Broner took time out from his training in Colorado, to chat with me about current events and his upcoming fight. 


Karceno: What's good champ. thanks for taking time out from training to give us a min. I know you heard the news today about Gamboa being linked to a steroid scandal in Miami, what is you're take on that since they want you to fight this man?


Broner:  "Yeah, Yeah homie on them pills" (Pauses and change subject due to possible lawsuit)


Karceno: Now it looks like Gavin Rees who's nickname is 'The Rock' is next on the list what are you thoughts about him.


Broner: "Who?"


Karceno: Gavin Rees.


Broner: "Who is that?"


Karceno: The guy you're suppose to be facing.


Broner: "Man, I don't know these dudes, I just fight whoever Al puts in front of me, that's it."


Karceno: Well tell the fans what a Adrien Broner training day is like.


Broner: "Man it's just hardwork, man I can't really go into my whole training regiment but just a lot of hard work."


Karceno: Well you also have released the Band Camp first mixtape on download and it's moving fast.


Broner: "Yeah you know it"


Karceno Who are some of the Band Camp members featured on the mixtape?


Broner: "Well you got, my twin DreDay, You got D Luck on there, you got Tweed on there Luke on there, Sweet Wille on there and you got Ginuwine on there, there is a lot of m************ on there man."


Karceno: So I'm not going to keep you long I know you have to get back to you're sessions, but how did you and Floyd get so tight?


Broner: "Well that's like my big brother, yo know, we always been tight like that, people are just now seeing us together on more on social media and videos. It's the Band Camp, Money Team, you already know thought!"


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Comment by Taurean Snider on February 2, 2013 at 11:51pm

Adrien Broner -  Working with him  is some work you can really enjoy very professional. the few photos I have

came out well. keep knocking these niggas out

Comment by Chris DeGuia on January 30, 2013 at 8:29pm

Awesome interview with Broner! Broner to me, is down to earth, open minded, laid back, nice and humble person on and off the ring. I wish him good luck on his fight against Rees.

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