By Kevin Davis


Amir Khan has yet again found another excuse to avoid fighting undefeated Kell Brook the UK superstar who is becoming the face of boxing for the welterweight division. Khan sparred Brook a few years back, in which both guys tell tales of a dominating performance, but Brook seems eager to fight Khan, while Khan tries to high hat the guy every chance he gets. 


Khan has yet to fight a welterweight fight but claims he is moving up towards Floyd Mayweather status. he seems to always bring up Brook name to get attention of the public in the UK and when Kell brook just broke the SkySports record for viewers. Kell and his promoter Eddie Hearn has both been calling out Khan since his dominating victory over Matthew Hatton, a fighter Khan stated was better than kell brook.


It's not Brook's fault you drove away most of your fans with your 'Crying Game' routine over the Lamont Peterson fight last December. Kell is the talk of the UK and Khan can't stand it. This fight is the British version of Mayweather vs Pacquiao but Khan doesn't want to give the UK fans the fight they want to see. Khan on his Twitter deceide to respond to the claims made by Brook that they would KO him and make him wobble again. Which was all in good fun, but Khan wasn't laughing.


“Kell Brook calling me a queen then begs me to give him a payday. For that quote, talk like a man instead of talking like a queer. I promise because of all his and Hearns b******* - I will never give him a shot. Kell Brook doesn’t deserve to the fight the king, ever. I’ll never box him now. Please Kell Brook grow a d***. Eddie Hearn n Sky promising you Khan fight. I’m promising u now it ain’t gonna happen ever.

“I’m after the big boys ….. Peterson, Marquez, Ortiz, Alexander, Mayweather all great fighters, Brook got along way to go, ain’t fought nobody.”


According to him Hatton was a somebody but we all know, why he is doing this, jealousy. Take care of your business in the USA with Lamont Peterson the champion, who won against you last time, before you start your Mayweather rants.

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Comment by Karceno on March 31, 2012 at 9:09pm


Comment by m kirby on March 31, 2012 at 5:49pm

How little u know,Im from kells hometown and while he is a good prospect he hasnt beaten any elite or near elite guys,The truth is he is chasing a fight with a world known olympic silver medalist who fights in a smaller division. Kell is at the stage where Khan was when he fought Paulie,To suggest Khan brings up Kell's name to improve his own popularity is crazy,Im willing to bet over 90% of the UK know who Khan is while u will struggle to find over 20% who know Kell,The best thing for Kell to do is forget about Khan go fight on the road beat a few top guys and if they are in the same weight div. in 18 months time with results standing up for both of them then maybe.

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