Andre Ward Fights At Home Just Like Floyd Mayweather Fights At Home - Problem???

By Shawn Craddick

How many times have we heard over and over and over again about Andre Ward fighting at home in the State of California? However people fail to realize that Andre Ward has fought out of state on a few occasions and he won there too. Now you must ask about Floyd Mayweather. Why does he not get questioned about fighting out of the State of Nevada? Let's look at a breakdown of their fights.

If I remember correctly, and I hope I'm right. I believe Floyd moved to Vegas in 2006. Right before his fight with Zab Judah. So let's count from that moment on.


Floyd Mayweather - Lived in Las Vegas, Nevada

Out of 10 Fights (When he moved to Nevada), 10 of them were in the State of Nevada

Floyd Mayweathers Percentage of Fighting in his Home State - 100 %

Out of 35 fights (Living in Michigan), 30 Were Out of State

Floyd Mayweather's Percentage of Fighting in his Home State of Michigan - 14 %


Andre Ward - Lived in California Only

Out of 27 Fights, 7 of them were out of State

Andre Wards Percentage of Fighting in his Home State - 74 %


So Fans it all depends on how you want to look at it. When Floyd Mayweather first started fighting he lived in the State of Michigan. He only fought 14 % of the Time in his Home State. If you transition to when he moved to Vegas, He never fought out of state again.

Andre Ward has fought 74 % of the Time in his Home State. So how do you want to base their comparisions? Floyd living in Michigan or Floyd living in Nevada?


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Comment by one50 on December 31, 2013 at 6:04pm

Floyd is from Michigan. The whole thing with him making that comment about Ward only fighting in Cali was Floyd taking a shot at his popularity because he was tired of all the close comparisons to him as far as being P4P #1. And as far as fighting locations in the US, Vegas, Atlantic City and Madison Square Garden for years have been the top 3 spots. So Floyd living in Vegas doesn't make this a hot topic for conversation because Vegas is the hot spot for boxing events. And Ward having fought the majority of his fights in Cali was Floyd's way of saying Andre doesn't have a big fan base outside of Cali and he can't sell tickets anywhere else.   

Comment by Karceno on December 31, 2013 at 11:35am

Floyd lived in Vegas long before 2006

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