Andre Ward: I'm Worth More than $10 Million Dollars - Mayweather Status

By Shawn Craddick

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge Andre Ward supporter. The man has not lost since he was around 11-12 yrs old. He dominated in the amateurs, winning all those tournaments and then went on and never lost all the way to the Olympics. Do you know how hard that is? Then he turns Pro and he still does not know what it means to lose. However, his first loss was against Dan Goossen Promotions. Andre was been trying to get out of the contract. He is trying to file some type of California Labor Laws that says you cannot be contracted for more than 7 yrs. Oscar De La Hoya won the same type of suit against Bob Arum's Toprank.

Andre has made around $10 Million dollars his whole career. He just made around $2 Million against Edwin Rodriguez. It's been noted that he would like to have the kind of paydays that Floyd Mayweather has. The thing about Floyd Mayweather is that he has his OWN Promotional company. If Andre wants to maximize his revenue then he will have to do this. Andre knows that the real money comes from PPV buys. So far he has never had a PPV fight. Alot of people like seeing Andre on TV but I'm not sure if he is exciting enough to watch on PPV. The only chance he has right now would be to face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Once we see how that turns out, it will decide his future PPV fights.

So right now he is fighting in court to get out of his Dan Goossen contract. Until then, he will have to fight for whatever Dan can negotiate for. There's a long road ahead of him. Hopefully he can come out on top and make some more money. There is only one Floyd Mayweather.


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