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By Kevin Davis

I spoke to WBO Batamweight Champion, 'El Travieso' Jorge Arce through a translator, name Miguel Asevedo the other day to talk about the fight he badly wants with Nonito 'The Filipino Flash' Donaire'.

KARCENO: Hey Champ, glad to speak to you again I just wanted to ask a few questions then I will let you continue your training. Why do you want this fight so much?

JORGE ARCE: "I want this fight because I always fight the best and they say he's the best but I know I can beat him. I will prove to him, He has never fought a fighter like me. He is not a monster, I can beat him."

K: What do you think is holding up this fight?

JA: "I don't know why they fought Vazquez when I beat Vazquez, they should have fought me, they knew I wanted this fight. I don't know if it's him or his people but someone if afraid of me fighting Donaire."

K: Do you think the fight will ever be made between you two?, after the Mayweather vs Pacquiao issues. We wouldn't want to see it play out that far.

JA: "The fans wants this fight and Bob Arum wants this fight. it will happen, it's just a matter of time. They want to make it big and I'm ok with that, just as long as I get Donaire."

K: Have they approached you about it for this year?

JA: "Yes. They have but I will be fighting on the Pacquiao card in and he will fight in July. Then we will try to fight later this year."

K: I heard something like that, Arum is working on making it a homecoming for Nonito Donaire in the Philippines is that true.?

JA: "They said it might be there, I don't care where it is just as long as I fight him. that's just more pressure on him to be great in front of his people, so he will come to fight and I want that."

K: I saw the fight you had with Lorenzo Parra last time you got a split decision this time you destroyed him. what happened there?

JA: "I was very focused that night, I was sending a message to everyone, that I deserve to fight these top fighters. When I'm like that I'm very hard to beat. Like when I fight Vazquez, they gave me little respect, I took that into the ring with me."

K: Right. Every time they say you're done, you seem to comeback stronger, after the Mijares lost and the Darchinyan fight you just keep coming back.

JA: "I come back and beat Nongqayi also I lose to him then I comeback and stop him in four rounds. That's why it's hard for me to get fights with the big names. They know I have the heart and the power to win. Just because you lose a fight doesn't make you trash. you learn from it and comeback better. If you don't learn then maybe you are trash fighter." (laughing)

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