Arum: "If Mayweather wanted to fight Manny in may, he could have."

By Kevin Davis


Top Rank Promotions President and Founder Bob Arum, took time out his busy schedule of promoting this April 12th 2014 clash between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley again, to answer a few of my questions. Mainly from our fans here at BoxingSocialist. 

Karceno: Well you know I always shoot straight so let's get to it quick, the fans want to know why Manny isn't fighting Floyd in May? 


Arum: " Well Manny said he would agree to do anything to make the fight happen, and what did Mayweather say...No he has tax problems,...who the hell cares! it's nobodies business anyhow, first it's drug tests, then it's 50/50.. I can't keep up with all that...If they wanted to fight Manny in May they could have made the fight happen...but we are not going to chase a guy that doesn't want to fight...we will worry about the ones that do."


Karceno: Did anyone contact you to make the fight later this year?


Arum: "ehh, Look it was more like a hello how are you, he can downplay the fact..all they want ...when Mayweather was in Africa, they asked him about Pacquiao..not Khan, or whoever the hell he's fighting."


Karceno: I seen where he is now making the fans choose between Maidana or Khan.


Arum: "I thought Maidana was fighting Broner again, didn't he exercise his rematch clause, what's going on now they are going to screw over Broner and say hey kid sorry about you're career but Mayweather needs somebody to fight. Give me a break. Look they know my number, my office door is open if they want a fight they know what to do."


Karceno: Is it true you are working on a Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 for the fall?


Arum: "Absolutely not true, I just spoke with Marquez on the idea of fighting the winner and he said he would be interested in fighting the winner of the bout, he wants to win another world if it's Bradley or Manny, he interested."


Karceno: This fight will answer a ton of questions that each fighter must have in the back of their minds?


Arum: "Of course, you have both guys wanting to make a statement, Manny wants to show the world he's still got it, against the guy he feels took his glory, the first fight...and Bradley wants to show that the first fight wasn't a fluke or a bad decision in his favor...he wants to leave no doubts...which is a making for fireworks." 

Karceno: What do you think about Pacquiao bringing Fortune back in place of Alex?


Arum: "Well Manny feels comfortable with Justin, they have a history of working together in the past..I don't get involved with who the fighters's not my place... You know I don't really like Alex...but it's up to Manny and Freddie who stays and go in their camp."


Karceno: Okay, we got Chavez Jr. vs Brian Vera in another rematch, will Chavez make weight this time?

Arum: "Sure, I think he will, he knows how serious this fight is for him, many people think he lost the first fight..and he knows, he will have to impress and not just get by Vera, who's got to feel confident after his last performance. Should be a great fight."


Karceno: If Chavez is successful are we looking at a PPV between Chavez Jr. vs Carl Froch?


Arum: "We have spoke about moving Chavez to a PPV card if he is successful, but we would have to see, they are a lot of potential big fights out there to make, Froch is out there, Ward and the list goes on and on..but first things first you have to get by Vera."



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Comment by Lazy Left McGee on February 6, 2014 at 8:31pm
So did Uncle Bob have enough time to build that stadium like last year? Funny how Bob knows what is going on, but only tells part of the story, May of 2012 was too soon but May of 2014 is alright, GTFOH, Bob could of been a politician with the way he spins facts and fictions

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