Arum: 'Mayweather just doesn't want to fight Manny and that's it'

By Kevin Davis

Karceno: I have to know about these reports that you are looking to make fights with Manny Pacquiao against Golden Boy fighters.

Arum: "Why not, I mean, I would work with Oscar, he and I have never really had any problems. He now see who he is working with now and understand what is going on with some of the dealings, with 'the Banker', that have been sketchy at best."

Karceno: Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest, working with Oscar and they are other factors there in which you don't want to do business with.

Arum: "If there is a chance to work with Oscar, we will look at that as an option, of course we don't want to have any conflict interfering with our business, so yes that why we would only want to do business with Oscar."

Karceno: So if Juan Manuel Marquez plays hardball or doesn't want the fight, you have these other options ready for Manny, like a Khan or Canelo.

Arum: "Sure why not, if the Marquez fight can't happen, we have Provodnikov, as an opponent for Manny, the fans would love that matchup, if Amir Khan is available for a November fight with Manny, we would look in that direction, and next year if a Mega bout with Canelo Alvarez can be made in May, on Cinco de Mayo weekend that would be enormous."

Karceno: That's Mayweather day.

Arum: "That's a Mexican hoilday, and the Mexicans want to get behind another Mexican, not another guy, that's why this fight they just had lost so much money, Maidana is not a Mexican, you can't fool the Mexicans."

Karceno: Wouldn't the fans care to see Pacquiao and Mayweather fight on May 5th, and neither of them are Mexican.

Arum: "That's a whole different situation, those are the two fighters the world wants to see fight."

Karceno: So you don't want to try to make one last effort to make the fight happen.

Arum: "Look, I've said these over a million times, our lines are always open, act like a human being let's sit down at a conference table and negotiate this thing, once and for all. The problem is they don't want the fight, if Mayweather can make all this money fighting guys that he can beat easily, why would he risk his record fighting Manny, I get it, it's good business sense, but it's up to you guys, the fans to stop the nonsense and get the fight you want."


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Comment by Val Soliman on May 27, 2014 at 11:20pm

"The problem is they don't want the fight, if Mayweather can make all this money fighting guys that he can beat easily, why would he risk his record fighting Manny, I get it, it's good business sense.." - right, boxing fans all over the world knows this since 2009.

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