BLACKGROUND: Are black fighters being pushed to fit a sterotype

By Kevin Davis


African American fighters have always been the cornerstone of the sport of boxing, for the last 100 years. The ring is a stage and the fighters perform for thousands in attendance. Skill, and will were the focal point of the boxer, but there is another side of the game you don't see, the theatrics. In boxing there is the Hero, the Villain and the Victim. Many might say just who is the victim. 


Fighters who never seem to get any of the breaks that we feel sorry for are the victims of the sport of boxing, nowadays we have a growing trend of anti-heros and anti-villains. Hero's are now the victims. The flashy, more flamboyant black fighters are getting the perks and even if they are wining, the black fighters that are opposite are getting the shaft."This isn't a sport based of winning and losing anymore, it's built on the imagination of the audience. They want to be wowed." Boxing expert Dan Goldberg stated


Devon Alexander was wining world titles and it didn't matter, they wanted him to become more flashy. or just become more like Floyd Mayweather, outside the ring. "People ask me all the time, not to be like Floyd, but do more of things he does outside the ring, like being more vocal, or trash talking, like that." said Devon Alexander. 

Sugar Shane Mosley is the Hero, and in today's era there is no place for him, no one will ever write a bad thing about Shane even though he admitted to taking steroids in the past. Mayweather will be always looked at as the Anti-Hero no matter what he does, and they will always take jabs at the hero, who is there to be victimized. Adrien Broner is the Anit-Villain no matter what he does he will never be able to embrace anther label. People love to hate him, and it helps him generate millions. "Broner is so annoying that fans would spend hundreds of dollars on tickets to come and see him, just to boo him. That's drawing power." said Goldberg.


What all this is trying to say is that in today's boxing world the nice guy regular boxer, doesn't exist anymore for black fighters. They don't want them. No more Shane Mosley's or Ray Leonard's, they want Mayweather's only. They want us to be despised by the viewers around the globe, to personify the image. Timothy Bradley's and the Alexander's will be pushed to the background and just be treated as opponents, no matter how many times they win because they are not filling the spots they made available for them. 


European and foreign fighters are now the hero's, that will save the day against these anti-hero's and villain's and bring about peace to the sport, so there is no need for you to play yourself in this sport. either you play a stereotype role, or it's back to Kansas Toto. 

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Comment by Lazy Left McGee on January 16, 2014 at 7:25pm
You can even go as far as say that Andre Ward is not getting any shine because he is the "Hero". He won the Super 6 cleanly and clearly and then destroy "Bad" Chad Dawson, yet all the hoop-la is for the European fights GGG and Froch, and to a lesser degree Bute. With the rise and popularity of the first black president, maybe some boxing fans and media wants a black man to get beat somewhere in life. Even John "Bone" Jones doesn't get the respect he deserves because he doesn't talk enough smack....

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