Bob Arum on Pacquiao's future and Mayweather vs Maidana card

By Kevin Davis


Karceno: With all that has went down this past week, I know you are happy about the turnout of the event.


Arum; "Absolutely, it was a great night, you saw a competitive fight, Bradley did as he said he went in there and tried to knock Manny out, and it was back and forth, until Manny took over the fight using his skill. The undercard was equally amazing, just to show, you don't need big names, just great matchups. Unlike what they are feeding the public May 3th."

Karceno: Okay, tell the public what they are getting on May 3th, which we all know is Mayweather vs Maidana.


Arum: "They are giving you a showcase fight, and is charging you 60, 70 dollars a pop, to watch b*******. one fight is 15-1, and another fight on that card is 25-1, against a guy who hasn't had a fight in two years and the other guy who should be behind bars, due to the filth he tweets on social media,, now ask yourself is that worth 60, 70 dollars? If we did it that, they would call it a crime, as it should be called. If you’re a Showtime subscriber, you deserve to get that fight for free.”

Karceno: Marcos Maidana is an action pack fighter, you don't think he will give Mayweather a challenge?

Arum: "C'mon, a challenge for Mayweather, he's a freaking 15-1 underdog for a reason, I'm 82 years old and I'm faster than Maidana. Mayweather will kill this guy, this is another showcase fight that they are forcing the people to pay top dollar for, when it should be distributed on Showtime. The race and sportsbook know what they are doing when they make odds, now write that. I know why you guys don’t write it, because Mayweather won’t talk to you and then you’ll lose any access to him.” 

Karceno: These kind of remarks, will make it very hard to make a Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

Arum: "Well I have no problem working with oscar or anybody, but when you have a banker by trade, who doesn't understand the history of boxing, it makes it difficult to do business with that group. I can guarantee you that fight wont be 15-1."

Karceno: Has the hotel drama improved now that the fight is over.

Arum: "The thing that really burns me up, is that they begged us to put the fight here, we wanted the fight at the Mandalay Bay, there would’ve been no signage, They asked us to be here at the MGM because the mansion is here and they put the high rollers, most of whom are Filipinos, up in the mansion. They have a lot of damage to repair because Governor Chavit was pissed off, and you don't want to get him angry." 

Karceno: It's safe to say your done with the MGM Grand, why do feel that most fans believe that HBO is going to the grave and Showtime is taking over?

Arum: "I don't know who is saying that because the numbers don't reflect that. HBO continues to put on competitive fights, I can't speak for the other guys, but they do feature a fighter, Broner who shows his genitals on social network and they add him to PPV for that. it's a joke."


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Comment by one... on April 14, 2014 at 10:27am

GO TO HELL BOB! We the fans are not buying into your b*******! How can you talk about Maidana when you had Pac vs Rios on PPV? That fight should've been free. The tickets should've been free also.  And with your big mouth all you're doing is showing the fans what we already know. THAT YOU ARE THE MAIN REASON THE FLOYD & PAC FIGHT IS NOT HAPPENING! If you want to do business with Floyd you don't tell fans to boycott his fight and bad mouth him every chance you get. Do you really expect him to want to work with you on the biggest money fight in history? You're doing all the wrong things if you supposedly want that fight for the fans. You're becoming a Cancer to the sport. It's time for a cure!

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