boxing training techniques today vs yesterday

By Kevin davis in the sport of boxing for over hundreds of years, the evolution of an athlete has grown each year, but is the technique better today than yesterday. They sprint in sandboxed, do aerobics in water, stretch with resistance bands, even spinning in circles to get themselves dizzy before sparring to see how they handle being disoriented.they want to find your breaking point and push you through that door. Old school trainers like coach Schultz said that boxing today is nothing like the old days because fighters are spoiled by tools to make their job easier. "A person can read a thousand books of the city of Chicago but can't tell you what it smell is like at 6am in the subway tunnels. We use to be able to fight 30 rounds back in the days. Look at all these fighters today you tell them to run three miles a days and they cry. They got all theses medicines and supplements and they still can't get the job done because they are mentally weak. You see mayweather ain't using that s*** cause he don't need that s***."

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