Brandon Rios wants to give the fans the fights they wants to see

By Kevin Davis


It's hard to do an interview with light welterweight champion Brandon Rios and not sound like a fan. He answers everything so honestly, that you just can't help it.


KARCENO: Let's go, so it's been a minute, since we did our thing. Now that the rematch with Mike Alvarado is being setup again how close is it to being finalized?


RIOS: "Right now my managers and lawyers will handle that, but we both said hell yeah we would do it again, so that's where we are right now, nothing is final yet."


KARCENO: So how do the fans treat you now, it's not like the Beatles or something but has it changed how you go through your everyday routine?


RIOS: "Laughing, Naw man, everybody knows me and knows how I am, they know what you see, you get. I'm real, and the people love that about me. I never have been a fake type guy, like I'm a big star now so look at me. You get none of that with me just the real." 


KARCENO:  Is this the fight you really wanted or did you want to fight other guys?


RIOS: "You know the're a lot of guys out there I would love to fight but, they are busy or they are with Golden Boy and those fights are just hard to make right now, you know with me being with Top Rank, and Mike I know wants to go back to war with me, so let's do it." 


KARCENO: How do you see a Brandon Rios vs Adrien Broner bout going?


RIOS: "I would love to fight Adrien Broner, I know that would be a great fight, Danny Garcia, Amir Khan and Lucas Matthysse too. These guys come to fight and I want to be the best at the division and they all say the're the best so let's fight and let's see who's the best. Those fights right now it just really hard to make because of Top Rank and Golden Boy, things are not good with them right now."


KARCENO: Yeah that's just sad, I asked Arum a few weeks back, would he let you go to fight Lucas and he stated that he would be stupid to make that fight because Matthysse, can't sell ten tickets but How would you feel about a tournament at 140Lbs? You can start with Danny vs Lucas, then Amir vs Mike and then You and Broner.


RIOS: "Hell yeah, that sounds good to me. I want to fight the best fights out there,"


KARCENO: I know you saw the Pacquiao/Marquez fourth fight, what was going through your mind watching Marquez do land that right hand, that was suppose to be you doing that.

RIOS: "Yeah I was like man, he did that so right, Marquez is so smart and crafty, he fought Pacquiao enough to know, he can land that right hand on Manny, at will, because Manny just comes right down that line and I know I would have caught him with that same shot."


KARCENO: Pacquiao make so many mistakes in the ring that his speed makes up for, do you think your defense which is underrated, would be the difference?


RIOS: "If I was fighting Pacquiao, I would stop him also but just later man, (laughing), you know I like to break my guy down, first, but you're right about my defense, these so-called experts just think I come forward and just get hit in the face and they don't see that I move my head on the inside and I'm not just some brawler. They say Rios don't fight boxers because he can just come forward, Acosta can box his ass off, Peterson was a boxer too, look what I did to him. I took his confidence."


KARCENO: Now you see there is a rematch headed for Pacquiao/Marquez what are your thoughts on that fight, and any chance of you fighting the winner?


RIOS: "Man, I don't know, you know if Pacquiao would have won that fight then you know I was next, but when Marquez won you know I think, he should go after Mayweather, I mean he closed the chapter on Pacquiao already. He won by knockout. If they fight again and Pacquiao win, people are going to say, yeah that last fight was just a lucky punch. He should just go after Mayweather and try to close that chapter."


KARCENO: What about you fighting Marquez?


RIOS: "I would love that fight but I don't think he really wants to fight me, you know I think he wants the big money fights, and I know he knows I'm young strong, and I have a great chin, I just went up against the biggest 140lbs, fighter in Mike Alvarado. It's too much of a risk to face this young ox. I understand."


KARCENO: Let's talk about the Abril fight, most experts, don't know that you were weight drained that fight, but anyone else who watched that fight can tell, that wasn't you that night. You just couldn't come in behind the jab or work on the inside like you do.


RIOS: "I was dead that night, my legs were gone before the fight even started, but these experts never been in a gym before they don't know how to score a fight, I'm dead on my feet but I got heart, he's running and holding, and I'm the one bringing the fight, but if Abril want the rematch then we can do it, at 140, when I can make weight easy, and not be all drained. He couldn't get me out of there when I was dead on my feet let's see what he can do when I'm at my best."


KARCENO: Thanks for interview and good luck in March.


RIOS: "Alright, anytime bro."

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