Can Tarantino get BRADLEY Unchained?

By Kevin Davis


It's headed towards a year and the man who won the upset of the year, Timothy Bradley. Can't seem to get a shot at another big fight. All Bradley did was beat a guy with two injured ankles. This is like a modern style punishment for ruining the Pacquiao momentum train. Why hate Tim for, he was in the ring, he wasn't judging the fight. 


His next fight was suppose to be a rematch with Lamont Peterson, whom he beat at a lighter weight and was the first guy to defeat him. Bradley turned it down and I don't blame him, because how do you go from the biggest fight in you're career to a guy coming back from a testosterone controversy. What does Tim has to gain from a fight like that.


A Tim Bradley fight against Marquez or Brandon Rios would be classic, but instead we are getting rematches, the fans are starting to demand more, so maybe it's a better fit for Bradley to leave or buyout his contract with Top Rank if he can't get the fights he deserve. Then maybe we can get a Bradley/ Mayweather fight or a Bradley /Berto or Ortiz fight. tons of options are out there we just need to see them.

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Comment by Ely Flores on December 28, 2012 at 5:58pm

I think Bradley was intended to be another fish in the pond of Top Rank and Pacquiao was expected to run over him. It seems like a bit of bitterness with his result is stopping Top Rank from doing anything with him. If they only new, Bradley, if marketed right, could be used as the next "threat" (and I put it in quotes because he is really not) for Mayweather Jr. Just like Top Rank manipulated folks to believing that about Pacquiao, they can do the same. And we all know, if that happens, they will never fight each other. Just make money off each other's name.

Comment by BoxingSocialist on December 28, 2012 at 8:31am

Bradley can only fight a Toprank Fighter, best fight to make is the last two that beat Pac and that's Bradley vs Marquez

Comment by DP on December 28, 2012 at 1:09am

Tim has to go for a fight that will make a statement.  What do you think of a Bradley vs. Canelo fight?  Defeating Canelo should be a lot easier for him, especially after "defeating or surviving" Pacquiao (Since that's a matter of opinion depending on who you ask).

Both these boxers are undefeated and fans seem to think that both have yet to truly prove themselves.

Comment by MrBOXINGTODAY on December 27, 2012 at 7:19pm

it's hard to pitch a Bradley fight being that 25% of fans actually thought he "won" the fight. I wanna see Tim back in action though. He was awarded the fight and he is undefeated he deserves a big fight.

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