Coach Mike Stafford speaks on his future as trainer with Adrien Broner and Maidana rematch

By Kevin Davis


Karceno: What's happening coach, well since we sent that video to all the attention towards the fight seems to have grown.


Coach Mike: "Yeah and thanks again for looking out, and we are going to find out if something is in his system or not, because was said to had breathing mints or something in his nose before the fight, like he had a cold or something and that's not suppose to be in the corner and what was the Strength and Conditioning coach doing in the corner anyway. Al is on it and we will find out what's going on."


Karceno: Back to the fight for a min, I couldn't understand why Adrien kept pulling straight back and not using his legs?


Coach Mike: "You have to remember he got caught early in the fight got caught cold and he had to adjust to Maidana speed and style, and he did that and got himself back into the fight which shows the heart of a champion. He's not getting any credit for that. They act like Adrien just walked in the ring and got knocked out."


Karceno: I thought he should have pushed Maidana back and smothered him, staying on his right shoulder and digging his left into his body. 


Coach Mike: "You know what that's the same thing we worked on in camp, and like I said it was one of those situations where he just got caught. If you take away the knockdowns we got an even fight. We won most the rounds.


Karceno: There were times where he had the opening but just didn't take the shot?


Coach Mike: "Yeah you right, we spoke about that also, but Adrien finished the fight about to knock him out, that's why they tried all this mess in the corner before that. when these tests comeback people will see and know the truth, and we will show you in the rematch, but we are never fighting in San Antonio again, they don't deserve it. Calling people out there names, spitting on them, and throwing drinks. This is boxing, and this man just fought his heart out and doesn't deserve to be treated like that and if the commissions don't do there jobs and keep those type of people out of the areas, then we will not fight there anymore."


Karceno: Do you feel Adrien should go down to 140, because he is kind of small for welterweight.


Coach Mike: "Well Maidana isn't a big guy, he just came up from 140 himself. He has punching power, but Adrien can beat him and if the rematch happen you will see what you should have that night."


Karceno: Well some trainers, we won't use names, were very harsh on Broner and even stated that a change might be needed in the matter of training, you're job.


Coach Mike: "Yeah I know the Mayweather's, look I'm 57 years old, and I know they are in their 50's, they aren't making anymore Floyd Mayweather's with there DNA, and that's their greatest achievement as trainers. Floyd already has the DNA of a fighter and to be great but their other fighters, my guys than beat all of them. Floyd Sr. saying that Adrien needs him to teach him. No he don't, you can't just come along and take my fighters. Make you're own fighters champions. Outside Floyd who they made into champions from the ground up. They talk s*** about Adrien but want to train him. They need to just stop being so jealous of these kids relationship as friends. Floyd and Adrien are friends like brothers, let that mess go. As far as my record with my fighters it speaks for itself, two-time US nationals coach of the year, Pan-Am games, whatever. I know what I'm doing and Adrien isn't going anywhere we fine over here, plus they don't even know me and Adrien got a contract, I'm not only his trainer, I'm his manager too. they can keep dreaming."

Karceno: Hey thanks for clearing that up Coach have a great holiday.


Coach Mike: "Same to you and you're family."

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Comment by Karceno on December 26, 2013 at 1:02pm

Bottomline is that Maidana won,now who's next

Comment by Mickey Gunz on December 25, 2013 at 1:59pm

FRrruck Compubox! I agree with Mr. Stafford. Broner was in that ass for most of the rounds. People tend to land more punches with Broner but Broner lands the better shots. Anyway, he clearly lost the fight. With Floyd being his big brother he should take him in and show him a few things. Broner will be ok. he got his slice off humble pie. he will only be better now.

As for them nasty monkeys down in texas spitting and saying racist s*** and acting like savages well, what can we expect from them heathens.

Comment by one50 on December 25, 2013 at 1:44pm

Did he say Broner won most of the rounds. REALLY Mike? The punches per round showed Maidana landing more in 10 rounds, Broner landing more in 1 round and 1 even. There's no if it wasn't for the knockdowns because they happened. Broner got beat all around the board! Go back to the drawing board and stop making excuses! 

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