Wow, just got down looking at Bloodboxing's video about Floyd Mayweather and his comments about Ali...whew, why do we expect a barely high school educated boxer to be factual about history or be able to articulate himself well at all times. He is an entertainer plain and simple we enjoy him to box, not balance a budget, reduce crime, or to give us boxing history lessons. We leave that to the boxing historians and the great journalists out there. With that said, I'm noticing a crab in a barrel affect that Floyd's success is having on some people like BloodBoxing and Leslie Fanning. Blood is mad to see another black man get accolades and money without doing it the way Blood thinks it should be down, so now he will nit-pick every little thing Floyd does to tear him down. Sad really. People say that Floyd doesn't compare to Ali, or Robinson, Leonard, or Pep, fair enough, their opinion, but what one can't deny is that he dominates his generation of fighters the way those others did, and if he didn't meet certain fighters in the ring, understand now more than ever, promoters, managers, and networks have allot of influence in the fights we see. No matter what Floyd may say or do, his opponents manager and promoter has to approve the matchup as well and if Blood was the true historian he self professes to be, he would know that Floyd didn't become a ducker until he left Uncle Bob Arum. Whether or not Floyd is better than pass fighters is truly irrelevant, it doesn't enhance or diminish our enjoyment of his mastery of the craft and it doesn't add or take away from his bank account.

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