Dana White: The Closest Thing We have to Floyd Mayweather is Renan Pegado

By Shawn Craddick

Every sport is looking for that spectacular athlete who can be joined or associated with Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Floyd sets trends when it comes to marketing oneself and being a cash cow without endorsements. Not only that he sets the pace and example of hard work and dedication. At 36 Floyd Mayweather is in prime shape like unto Bernard Hopkins who is close to 50 yrs old. Both fighters admit they don't do any drugs, alcohol, or put any chemicals in their body. This is why Dana White is a fan of Floyd Mayweather. His name is Renan Barao. A Bantamweight Fighter in the UFC.

"The closest thing to [Mayweather] is this kid right here. He's gone undefeated for eight years, Floyd has gone undefeated for 17 years. Do you know how hard it is to go eight years undefeated? Seriously, think about that. He doesn't get enough credit for the record he has and what this guy is capable of doing, and it's not just like he's undefeated and he goes to decision and outpoints you. This dude [expletive] destroys you.

Dana White and the UFC believe they have found the next Floyd Mayweather. Well he has 9 more years to go undefeated and just maybe we can rank him up there with Floyd Mayweather except if would be for the UFC. Time will tell.


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