Did Marcos Maidana SOLVE the Shoulder Roll Defense - Exposed Or Not?

By Shawn Craddick

I've been getting hit up by the upset defeat this past Saturday when Marcos Maidana beat Adrien Broner to win the Championship. Adrien Broner has liken his style to Floyd Mayweather with the shoulder roll. The things I have been hearing the most is that Broner does not roll and then counter. At least he didn't with Maidana. Marcos would get inside and throw a overhand right that looped from the top coming straight down. If it didn't land then he waited for Adrien to back up just a step and he feinted to the body but came up top with the left hook.

So is that how you beat the Shoulder Roll or is it the fact that when Broner turned with the shoulder roll he didn't pivot or fire back enough? Mayweather rolls, fires back, pivots, and uses his offense and defense at the same time. Floyd is very fast with this, but you have to remember Floyd has been using this technique for years. It is not something you can learn over night or just a couple of years. Andre Berto tried it against Robert Guerrero and Soto-Karass and it just didn't work. What do yall think?


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