Do you have what it takes to become a successful Boxer?

Do you have what it takes to become a successful boxer? You’ll need commitment, persistence and a non-stop competitive drive if you want to rise through the ranks and take your place among the world’s most famous pugilists. The great ones paid the price and let nothing stand in their way. Ali, Dempsey, Lewis (both Joe and Lennox), De La Hoya, Hopkins, Mayweather, Tyson and many more all earned their place as Kings of the Ring through hard work and determination. The good news for you is that no fighter can last forever. As the old kings retire, they open up opportunities for you to take their place. If you put your mind to it--and your body--you too can earn your share of the spotlight in the squared circle.

Please the crowd. The bottom line: it’s a spectator sport. If no one wants to watch you, it doesn’t matter how skilled you become. You can only be successful if the people enjoy your performance. Your audience doesn’t just want you to win, they want action, plenty of offense, and no slacking in the ring. Give them what they want and they will bring you to the top.


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