Exclusive Interview with Mikey Garcia: he breaks down his Burgos and Pacquiao and more

By Kevin Davis


Karceno: You are looking sharp and stronger each fight, what do you know about Burgos and how do you keep yourself into the moment of not overlooking him. 


Garcia: "Well you can't overlook anyone at this point, I mean he's a good fighter, who has had two shots at a world title before and didn't get the nod, so this is his moment in his life, where he is going to give it all he has, I'm aware of that, so I will study him in the ring and if I have to press the action, I will at times, but it will be an exciting fight."


Karceno: You're name is coming up a lot when it comes to Manny Pacquiao, and fans are starting to ask more about the bout, what are your thoughts about this fight happening and is it too soon?


Garcia: "I think I'm ready, I've been in the ring with Manny before, I don't know if he remembers those sparring sessions but I held my own, I didn't kick his ass or nothing, and he didn't kick mine, but it let me know I could hang in there with him. You know when we were in Macau China, and he was fighting Brandon I could see his speed was troubling Brandon, and that was obviously their gameplan was to not stand in front of Brandon, but I'm a different fighter and I know I can do other things that can give Manny Pacquiao problems in the ring, that he would have to worry about."


Karceno: So just like that Manny Pacquiao is on the radar he's two weight classes ahead of you though? 


Garcia: "it's not like it's my next fight, but maybe at the end of the year or beginning of next year, we should be ready. I remember tell Cameron Dunkin after that fight in Macau, and telling him I want Pacquiao, and I can beat him. They said are you sure, I said yes make it happen and the talk started from there, but I'm not overlooking Burgos, I'm all focused on him right now."


Karceno: Speaking of focused, Yuriorkis Gamboa has been trying to get your attention all week.


Garcia: "Yeah well talk is cheap you know, if you want the fight then step up and get the fight, I'm not hard to find or to make a fight with, get your promoter to get with my promoter and make it happen, you know the rest is just him trying to promote himself and keep his name out there, you remember Ricardo Mayorga right, he made a living doing things like that. it got him a lot of big fights, so if they can get the fight done it's no problem for me to fight him."


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