Exclusive: Oscar Delahoya "Everyday I think about fighting again"

By Kevin Davis

Well Oscar Delahoya is a sounds new and refresh and full of life, and with this new found energy, he wants to channel it to the the right direction.

Karceno: Well it's been quite an amazing storm at Golden Boy Promotions, we all know staff members are leaving and Richard is gone, how are able to balance the boat that seems to be shrinking?

Delahoya: "I wouldn't say we are shrinking, it's more of a restructuring, hey look every business goes through these things all the time. Golden Boy is fine, we will be great and continue to put on the best match-ups."

Karceno: About Richard leaving, how much is it due to a lawsuit against the company about Canelo Alvarez?

Delahoya: "Idk why Richard left to be honest but hey he has lawyers, I have lawyers, let them sort it out." 

Karceno: How long do you plan on staying President and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions?

Delahoya: "As long as it takes, look I'm, back and I feel better than ever and I'm committed full time to this and we are not looking for CEO's, I can do this, and it may be many years before we might even look to find another great CEO down the line."

Karceno: After this second stint in rehab, how sure of you that you can manage the pressure of holding too many work titles. 

Delahoya: "Well it's a fight that I'm excited to face, everyday of my life. You can have Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao and Felix Trinidad all in the ring at once and it would even compare to the fight I'm in now." 

Karceno: Any truth that you may make one comeback fight and then go back into retirement next year?

Delahoya: "Oh God no, you know though everyday I dream about coming back to boxing, because it's in my heart. I still have the heart to fight is just that my body physically won't allow me to do it anymore, so I have to find new fights like the one I'm in everyday."

Karceno: Now that you and Bob Arum are back together what are some of the fights you in your mind would like to make. Not that you are both working on them now but let's say in a perfect world.

Delahoya: "well we all would love to see Mayweather vs Pacquiao of course, but we would also love to see Pacquiao fight Guerrero, or Donaire against Abner Mares, Tim Bradley against Amir Khan, the possibilities go on and on."

Karceno: How are you and AL Haymon relationship have been since this has happened.

Delahoya: "Me and Al Haymon is fine, I don't have a problem with Al Haymon, I hope he doesn't have a problem with me, I'm open to work with anyone who want to make great fights, because that's what the fans want, and I just want to give the fans what they want." 

Karceno: Ok, Canelo and Lara I know you are nervous about this fight at least going in you were.

Delahoya: "(Cutting in) No, I just know how good a fighter Lara is and I wanted to know that Canelo was taking this fight, in the right state of focus because to beat Lara you will have to be serious, and once he told me I want him, I can beat him, and after what I've seen in his training, oh my, I'm 100% sure he will win, now. I'm, thinking to myself now, I wonder if Lara is ready for him, (laughing) but that's what boxing is all about fighters fighting for honor, because this fight isn't for money, for either guy, they both want to beat each other badly, for the respect. Canelo could have fought a lesser opponent and made the same amount of money, no this is warrior pride."

Karceno: You have any breaking news that we may get first that may be coming up for Golden boy?

Delahoya: "Well the future is bright my friend we have August 9th at the Barclay center with Danny Garcia returning there since he beat Zab Judah, "the Miracle man" Danny Jacobs on the same card, we have an August 16th date as well and a September 6 card that we are starting to build on, and as you know September 13th will be another great night, so the future is looking great for us. Thank you."

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