Fans speak out on Adrien Broner: 'AB stand for Ass Beat'

By Kevin Davis


The boxing fans are mixing in with the fanatics of social media, have been attacking the former three division and three time world champion, not one fan could tell you what Marcos Maidana did to gain the advantage in the contest, but all they know is the outcome. That was all they needed, to start a trending media blitz storm online.


Dan S. "Broner is a Mayweather wanna be who got a glove pushed in his big's boxing..not trash talking. Hey Broner you are not Floyd, try being you and see how that works out."


Mark D. "Broner has some maturity issues to handle, when he was confronted with adversity, which was going to show us what he was made of, he made a decision to try and get out of the contest, by flopping in round 8, then leaving the way he did after the fight, just told the fans, they were right about his character."


Desmond T. "He got what he was suppose to get, out here dry humping niggaz...that s*** ain't cool bro..maybe in Ohio but not here in Texas man, we don't honor that."


Thomas F. "He needs to fight Maidana again because all this partying and s***, with About Billions on his trunks..when I saw that I was like really...cause I don't want to see him fight bums again...get you're ass back in there if you are the fighter you say you are."


Keisha J. "Broner needs to stop all the World Star videos and work on his boxing and get Mayweather to train him, because his corner didn't tell him anything to help him, change his plans. he was just standing there blocking and not punching back."


Ishtar I. "Karceno what happened to you're boy...see always be humble...anybody can be defeated...even Mayweather."

Mike H. "DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN I guess AB stands for Ass Beat...that n**** better not say he's the next more..His ass got exposed!"


Stephon G. "Adrien Broner is now at a crossroads, will he show the mantle that other greats before him had and become a better fighter or will he turn into another Zab Judah, a fighter that had all the talent in the world but couldn't handle situations."




Diana R. "I'm mad at Broner because he gave them exactly what they wanted..he knows they want to see him and Floyd Mayweather lose a fight..and you see how crazy it is now cause he lost imagine if that was Floyd." 


Jamal "All that partying cost his ass...stop trying to be Floyd and be you partner..stop playing in the ring and take care of business, Floyd may party and all that but he take care of business and that's the difference between the two. This fool ain't going to listen to nobody because he still going to believe he's the new Mayweather. That's what wrong with this spoiled ass generation." 

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