I just watched the fight two more times in a row and I have to say the judges got it right. Even the judge that had it a draw. Because after watching it live I was like dam, Money got his first draw. So I'm not mad at the judge that scored it 114-114. But after seeing it again twice I scored it either 117-112 or 116-112. Either one of those scores was the right call. And ironically those are the scores given by the other two judges. A lot of the work Maidana was doing looked good live but when you look at it again he was missing most of those shots. I'm inclined to believe compu box gave him credit for more scoring punches then he deserved. A bunch of shots behind the head. And he was a bit dirty at times. But on the other side Floyd landed the cleaner punches that we're visible to the eye. And I'm sure after the replay next week people will see that even though Maidana made it a rough ugly fight, Floyd clearly won 9-3 or 8-4. Which translates to 117-111 or 116-112. But Floyd can only blame himself for those that think he lost or think it was a draw. His work rate was way too low! He only threw 426 punches compared to Maidana's 858. Even though Floyd landed 54% of his punches throwing only 426 is where the problem lies. If Floyd would've thrown 600 punches that would've most likely lowered Maidan's work rate to around 700 because they can't punch at the same time. But because Floyd was not busy enough it allowed Maidana to be the much busier guy. If they have a rematch Floyd has to be busier. 600 punches thrown is 50 a round. I know he's 37 but he should be able to throw at least 45-50 punches a round. So Floyd can only blame himself for those that think it was a draw or that he lost.

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