As we all know Floyd and soon to be washed up rapper 50 Cent have issues right now. I think Floyd mentioned 50's name during an interview. And 50 being the woman that he is he can't stand people talking about him so he's been going at Floyd ever since. This is something he does right before his new music is scheduled to be released. But what he doesn't seem to be aware of is that his strategy only worked on Ja Rule and NOBODY else. It definitely didn't work on Rick Ross. The BOSS is still going strong! On the other hand 50's music career is on life support! Instead of going at Floyd he should've put that effort into his last album Animal Ambition. Then maybe it wouldn't be a FLOP! It only sold 91,000 copies in the US. He's so desperate he put G Unit back together. Their new EP is not worth buying! They had a better chance coming back without 50. Karma is chasing that guy! 50 is on Caroline Records. Really 50? Who leaves Universal for Caroline Records? He didn't leave Universal. They let him say that to save face instead of them letting us know they had planned to drop him. Not only is his music not selling, 50 is having issues with his other ventures as well. He stole the design for his headphones and the judge ordered him to pay $16 million a few months ago. I don't even think he made that much from them. His boxing promoting is not working out. His fighters either lose, leave him for another promoter or get knocked out. That weak POWER show might bring him a few dollars. But it can't compare to The Wire, The Sopranos and Magic City. Other than that 50 is WASHED UP! The fact is people are tired of his stupidity! The sad part is he's too dumb to realize it. He even challenged Floyd to a fight this week. How stupid is that? SMH! The Champ is preparing for a real fight. But Floyd got a visit from Warren Buffett and posted this picture. So that should pretty much put an end to it. YOU LOST THIS ONE 50! The champ is surrounding himself with positive people. Mr. Buffett is worth over $66 BILLION! Do you think Floyd cares about 50? Curtis Jackson is a snake! Floyd made a huge mistake becoming friends with him from the start. I can't even call him 50 Cent. He stole that name too. The real 50 was a stick up kid from Brooklyn. He was killed in 1987. But truth be told, Floyd can always improve on his reading skills. Even though that's not the case. We all know Floyd can read. But 50 can never change the fact that he was once a low life drug dealer that got shot 9 times. End of story!

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