Floyd Mayweather: I'm Happy to Say Leonard Ellerbe is a Multimillionaire Now

Floyd Mayweather         

This is something a lot of people don't know. Let me enlighten people on the story with Leonard Ellerbe.  Now, Leonard Ellerbe had not a good job but a great-paying job in D.C.  He's from D.C.  Had a good-paying job, and people don't know how Leonard got with me. 


Leonard came out here.  Leonard used to go on trips, used to pay his own way to go on trips with us and just help out, and he used to leave his job. He'd leave his job and fly on his own money because he had, I think, it was a six-figure paying job.  He also was a fitness trainer. He had another job, so he was making very good money.


He left all that, paid his own way to come support me, and one particular time he was doing some charity work for me.  He was doing everything to make sure I got up to do my runs, he was doing security work for me and everything, and all he was making, it wasn't big money because I was making good money but I wasn't paying him what I feel like I should have been paying him.  But you know, times have changed.  He stuck with me through thick and thin.  We've been through a lot together.  He stuck with me through everything. I'm happy to say he's a multimillionaire now, so I feel like it was worth it, the wait was worth it, and we go through a lot.


A lot of times people don't see we go through a lot. Because we strive for the best. We strive for the best, but at the end of the day it's about communication and one thing that we can do, I respect him as a man, he respects me as a man and we can communicate, and I will always love Leonard Ellerbe.  He's doing a tremendous job.


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