Floyd Mayweather: I've Had some Bumps and Bruises, but I always stay on Top

Photo by Hosanna Rull

FLOYD MAYWEATHER, Eleven-Time, Five-Division World Champion

"Fighting is not all about power. It's about being smart. I don't have to change anything. My job is to go out there and do what I am paid to do - that's be smart and finish first. And I always finish first.


"I'm going to do the same thing I always do. It's about blood sweat and tears, and nobody does it better than me.


"I've had some bumps and bruises, but I always stay on top. His camp needs to make major changes if they want to have a chance.


"My hand got raised so I don't need to make any adjustments. He needs to make some major changes and probably get a new trainer if he wants to have a chance against me.


"I have to watch this guy in there. He's dirty.


"If he really feels like he won the first fight then he should bet his purse. He should put his money where his mouth is. But he knows he can't beat me.


"My legacy and the will to win drives me to keep fighting. All I have to do is keep racking up victories and putting on a show.


"If you want to beat me you have to earn it the hard way.


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