Floyd Mayweather Shops in Walmart Too - Not Always in High End Retail Stores

By Shawn Craddick

Thanks to an interview done by P-Reala which is Floyd Mayweather's right hand man, he was discussing some of the things that Floyd Mayweather does. P-Reala said that there is alot of misconception about Floyd. During the interview in which he was talking about what Philthy Rich Records looks for in an Artist, he mentioned that him and Floyd Mayweather was in a Walmart one time and the people asked Floyd, "What you are doing in a Walmart?" He responded by saying, "The same thing you doing, Shopping".

Although Floyd has the money to shop in High end Retail stores for the rest of his life, he does normal things too. Once Floyd's boxing career is over, we believe the fans and media will get to see the Floyd Mayweather that they don't normally see. Right now Boxing is Entertainment and that is what Floyd is good at. Behind close doors, he's just like you and me.

To watch the interview with P-Reala go here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VtWgTvRNDQ&feature=youtu.be


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