Forbes: Mayweather Won't Make $70 Million, Cable Carriers get 50% of REVENUE

Floyd Mayweather will get his guaranteed $32 Million. The other day he said he is "expecting" another $38 Million off of PPV Numbers (if it does 1 Million buys atleast) and the Live Gate. On top of that your have sponsors as well. Sounds like alot of money to be made to me. However Forbes magazine did a break down on a estimation of how much Floyd will "really" make. 

Excerpt from Forbes Magazine:

One million PPV buys for Mayweather-Maidana would generate roughly $70 million in gross revenue based on a price of $65 (standard definition) and $75 (hi-def). The buys skew typically slightly higher for the HD broadcast over standard def. The cable carriers take about 50% of the pie and Showtime also gets a small cut leaving around $34 million for the fighters and promoters on one million buys. It would take 1.5 million buys to top $50 million after the carriers and Showtime get their cut. There are other revenue ...

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