I hear all the time that this sport is in decline there is minimal interest in a sport that’s so corrupt and lacking a sensational American Heavyweight champion or that MMA is the new kid on the block now and Boxing is its old decrepit grandpa. I would say to this growing percentage of casuals that in the last 18 months I and millions of Boxing’s faithful have witnessed some of the best Boxing in recent memory and yes without a current US Heavyweight Champ. We have seen Floyd Mayweather Jr become the highest paid athlete and PPV numbers of epic proportion but wait…. This is the sport that’s in decline? Granted the future of the sport looks very sketchy if you watched the Summer Olympics you witnessed the most abysmal Boxing team ever assembled if not for the young lady from Flint Michigan Claressa Shields the country would not have captured a single gold medal insane for a United States Boxing team so from a grassroots standpoint maybe the future of the sport is in some jeopardy after all Boxing is not easy if I’m a young kid 6’5 240pds and athletic I may be inclined to play Football or Basketball besides its not Floyd Mayweather that has the major endorsements so even though he is the highest paid its still Lebron, Kyrie Irving, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffith that snatches up all the commercial time on primetime television and not too many of today’s youth inspire to run three miles a day do a gang of gut busting sit ups, pad work, have some grizzled old man yell at you for four to six hours a day believe me the sport is not for everyone never the less we have a group of young prospects in the sport currently who are poised to take over the sport and keep it very interesting for some years to come I will be tuned in and if me instinct serves me correct so will millions of others.

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