Yuriokis Gamboa involved in the PED scandal?

January 29, 2013 by Chris DeGuia

Hey everyone, according to Fighthype and Miami New Times News boxer Yuriorkis Gamboa is being linked to the PED scandal. I think in my opinion people who are linked or taking PED, shame of them. My reason behind that is a lot of people look up to these athletes as role models and inspired to be just like them but in there own personality. For me, if I was a professional athlete, I would never ever take any steriods. In the long run, if I take steriods it will hurt my body. I know a lot of professional bodybuilders like Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and etc, they are taking steriods, PEDS, HGH and etc. They do not want to admit it. I remember seeing a Cutler (bodybuilder) on a clip during offseason bodybuilding competition, he is not huge at all. If he is training for example Mr.Olympia I know he be on the riods while training for that.

 For more info, here is the link pertaining to Gamboa. 


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