Gary Russell Jr. "It's an Honor to Break the Cycle of Al Haymon and Bob Arum"

Eric Gomez

So now I'll introduce Gary Russell Jr. Gary Russell's undefeated (24-0 14 KOs). He fights out of Capitol Heights, Md. Gary is one of the most talented boxers in boxing today and a very exciting fighter. He's also an Olympian. In his 24 fights he's won pretty much every round of every fight, and he's getting his biggest opportunity fighting for this world title. This is going to be the toughest test of his career, but, as Gary's always done, he's going to look to shine and to bring home the world title.


So, Gary, if you could say a few words, please?


Gary Russell Jr.       

I appreciate you guys having me. Like you said, we are just getting out of the gym and it's our second workout of the day. We'll be ready in full force, and let's make it happen.



You have been very critical of the fact that this fight is taking place, even though it is for a title. Have any of your feelings changed or do you still feel that he hasn't earned his position in this fight?


G. Russell Jr.           

Honestly, none of my feelings have changed. I feel as though I'm a firm in believer in God, and I believe that everything happens for a reason. If this is the guy that we have to use as a stepping-stone to navigate out of the level we're on to a different level then so be it. You know we'll have to stand ready, we'll work and we're ready to go.



You also said in the past that this is a fight where Top Rank is going against an Al Haymon fighter. Did you want to share any feelings about that?


G. Russell Jr.           

Well, like I said, honestly it's a big honor to break the cycle of the Al Haymon and Bob Arum Top Rank and Golden Boy dissent, because I think you have these great fighters you know on both sides of the fence that the fans would love to see, but now it's a possibility to fulfill them or give them a possibility to see it, because of the ongoing situation with them.


I think it's a big breakthrough for me and Lomachenko to be able to be one of the first to actually do it, and hopefully this will open the door for a lot of the other fights that the fans would want to see take place.


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