Glen Tapia's Corner Let It Go Too FAR - Tapia went to Trauma Center

By Shawn Craddick

What started out as a great fight turned brutal round after round. Clearly as we entered into the 4th and 5th round we knew there was no SOUL left in Glen Tapia. James Kirkland is a monster and he doesn't stop coming at you. All he knows is to break your Spirit and your WILL. I was highly disappointed in Glen Tapia's corner. The doctor came in to look at him after the 4th and he could sense something was wrong. Then we all heard something we shouldn't. The doctor came in and was putting the light in Glen's eyes to see if he was even there and Glen's trainer kept yelling, "tell him you're fine and you wanna continue, Glen".

He was about to get his fighter seriously hurt. Steve Smoger tried to hop in from that brutal beat down without getting hit himself. Pride will get your fighter hurt. As much as you love your fighter, it's your job to protect him at all cost. You can always live to fight another day. Glen went to the trauma center and they finally released him. Thank God. What do you think? Did the Trainer let it go to far?


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Comment by Andy Paterson on December 9, 2013 at 2:41pm

disgusting corner work and Smoger needs to take some of the blame also imo.

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