How Floyd Mayweather's Showtime/CBS deal changed the Fight Game

Many boxing fans have been concerned over the last few weeks, about who will Floyd "Money" Mayweather is gonna fight May 3, 2014. In my opinion when Mayweather left H.B.O. and signed with Showtime/CBS this move caused a major shift in the fight game. As we all know Amir Khan is the front runner to land the May 3rd pay per view bout with Mayweather which has caused a major controversy among fight fans hardcore and casual alike. I feel that because Mayweather is guaranteed multi-millions of dollars no matter who his opponent is, his desire and motivation to put on the best fights possible have almost disappeared. This is evident because when u look at his last six fights, two of them in my opinion were tests to the pound for pound king, Miguel Cotto, future hall of famer, and the upcoming star Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. Now lets take a look at the other four, Victor Ortiz, Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero, and future hall of famers "Sugar" Shane Mosley, and Juan Manuel Marquez. I think it can be said the fact that Mayweather faced Guerrero, and Ortiz, that now other young and upcoming fighters such as Shaun "Showtime" Porter and Keith "One Time" Thurman, should be considered but ultimately will be left out in the cold because they are not marketable enough for the six fight contract.Considered too much of a risk not enough reward. Thats what the modern fight game has come to. It just doesnt seem that Money Mayweather is interested in any of the Top 10 fighters in the welterweight division, or super-welterweight division for that matter. To be considered T.B.E. (The Best Ever) You would think we get the top fighters in the division to get their shot against the best in the world, instead of a fighter like Amir Khan who is 2-2 in his last four fights and has never competed in the welterweight division. Personally i have been a huge Floyd Mayweather fan since the beginning, but i must admit myself that it seems like the fix is on, and he is gonna take the easiest possible fights, since he gets 30 plus million regardless of who he fights. Its not too much to ask for one of the greatest fighters of all-time and the best of this generation cleans out his division before he rides off into the sunset is it?????????????????????????????????????

Dee Anderson

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