How the pro athletes are targeted by scandalous women...but are they to blame?

By Kevin Davis


Since the beginning of time you have seen countless athletes in massive amounts of trouble dating, girls that are too hot to be true. Some girls are making dating athletes a profession. In 2008, the black athlete spending money on lawyers were at a all time high, when marriages and relationships has costs them in paternity battles, and property claims. Many people will blame the women right away, like this image above you, but is it her fault. Sure you see this image and think sex, but what she is selling is sex appeal, sex appeal is the possibility. 


We as men have the power to control this situation, if we stick to core values in choosing a partner. Trust me, if you change you're mind of thinking the women will changed her approach in attracting you. Since most athletes look at this image as a must have or to die for, they want to acquire it, to impress not only themselves but friends, and fans, for the envy only. She has now become a thing, instead of a person to them, so she treats herself like a piece of property, and like a thing she gets boring after a few years, which is why she takes measures to protect herself for a life without you, when you acquire a new thing. That's right she has children, sounds like a bad destructive movie, well it's happening in real life. 


Depending on the athlete most women are getting an average of 25 thousand a month per child. One woman told me that 'She's going to get her's no matter what, if he wants this he's gotta pay for it.' To me that's prostitution. Children being used as property to obtain money and fame, it's all a sickness of the mind. "Sex is a part of the game man, you tell me if you see a fine ass girl on the street..looking like Kim K., that wanted to get with you, you're going to say naw, because you're scandalous. You gon smash that." said pro boxer "They wait for us at hotels, they know our house phone numbers, I don't know how they get all this s***, but they gonna go, and it's up to you to strap up or end up paying child support, that's dumbasses playing themselves getting to comfortable, that be getting caught up." 


Just for the record this photo of this girl, is just random choice, we have no idea if she is scandalous or not, but this image shows you just exactly what we are speaking on right now.


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