“I Gotta Stop It, Your Son’s Gonna Die”: Fight Finally Called Because Gabriel Rosado Couldn’t See Anything Through his Blood-Covered Face

Gennady Golovkin won in seven rounds last night after Gabriel Rosado's trainer was forced to throw in the towel. Golovkin was reportedly sick heading into the fight, but it did not seem to stop him.

He cut Rosado in the corner of his left eye in the second round. He rocked him with a right hand in the third round. By the fourth round, Rosado's face was a bloody mess after also being cut over his left eye and bleeding from the nose. ... Rosado's left eye was in very bad shape and the ringside doctor took a good look at it before both the sixth and seventh rounds as Rosado pleaded to be allowed to continue.

Both fighters were covered in Rosado's blood in the seventh round as Rosado continued to bleed badly until his trainer, Billy Briscoe, climbed the steps and threw in the towel.

The video shows Briscoe pleading with Rosado's father to let him stop the fight. Rosado can't see anything and is taking punch after punch. Finally, Briscoe just gets on the ring to get the referee's attention and stops the fight at the 2:46 mark of the seventh round.

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Comment by Chris DeGuia on January 21, 2013 at 3:04pm

I like what Rosado's trainer did in round 7 by waving the towel. The reason for that is if they did not stop the fight, the ref might of stopped in the later rounds or might  of let the fight continue on. If the fight would of continued on basically Golovkin would of won a UD.

While Rosado''s eye might of been worse if the the trainer did not stop the fight. What I meant was remember when Pacquiao damaged the right orbital eye on Margarito? Rosado's trainer did not want that to happen to his fighter. Margarito after the Pacquiao fight was rushed to the hospital, to have the eye examined which lead to him (Margarito) having surgery on it. After the surgery, Margarito's right eye looks totally different compared to his left eye. Also, after the surgery, Margarito was not the same fighter after getting beat down by Pacquiao and getting caught with the plaster on the hand wraps.

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