Is Timothy Bradley the Slick African American Fighter that can Beat Manny Pacquiao?

By Shawn Craddick

Is Timothy Bradley the slick black fighter that the media and fans have been crucifying Manny Pacquiao about? Manny Pacquiao has gone through many opponents since his last lost to Erik Morales and he's made alot of it look easy even though it wasn't. Somewhere in the middle of beating his opponents the topic came up that he hasn't faced any slick black fighters. It was even quoted at one time by his former promoter that he purposely kept Manny Pacquiao away from African American fighters.

Joshua Clottey was thought of as the first black man to maybe give Pacquiao problems. After Manny Pacquiao beat him for 12 full rounds then came the critics. He's not a AFRICAN AMERICAN Black figher. Also he is not slick and he only comes forward with his guard up and he doesn't fight back. Now Pacquiao found himself in a dilemma again. How do I overcome the stereotype of beating a slick African American Fighter? Ah-ha ...

Here comes Sugar Shane Mosely. The same guy that beat Oscar De La Hoya twice and one day might go down in the Boxing Hall of Fame. I know that he is slick enough. Manny Pacquiao once again made it seem like easy work. Even dropping the durable Sugar Shane Mosely. Shane was back peddling all night long as Pacquiao fiercely tried to attack. Finally I will get the credit I deserve. NOPE. Shane was slick over 5 yrs ago they say. He's over the hill. Shane even said it was because of this "blister" on his foot why he could not move around and be "slick". Manny Pacquiao once again failed to shut the critics up.

But wait, lo and behold. Maybe Bob Arum has struck Gold. Not "Money" gold as in Floyd Mayweather but we have a young, slick, undefeated, African American Fighter by the name of Timothy Bradley. Surely the fans and media cannot say anything if Manny Pacquiao beats him on June 9th. Can they? Well, time will tell. We don't think Manny will get the credit he deserves until he faces Floyd Mayweather who is considered one of the Slickest African American Black figher of this era. Let's hope that Bob Arum WILL MAKE this happen to see if the critics were right or either Manny Pacquiao will prove them wrong. Stay Tuned.


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Comment by El Tranquilo on February 8, 2012 at 9:05am

Floyd and Pac are your masters. They are the puppeteers stringing you fanatics to no end. Both are to blame as far as I'm concerned. Stop believing everything that comes out of both camps.

Comment by Ashyknuckles on February 8, 2012 at 7:42am

Pacquiao never wanted the Floyd fight.  That's why he continuously hides in recluse.  Floyd called him out 9 days before his fight with Marquez.  But, Pacquiao says "talk to my promoter."  It's just another excuse to avoid fighting. If he really wanted this fight he would have bought out his contract from Top Rape.  Floyd turning down 50 million guarantee and 55/45 yatta yatta is ALL TALK.  Please tell me what fight has Michael Koncz EVER negotiated???? So, now, I'm supposed to believe he's in charge of making the biggest fight in PPV history?  Get the f*** outta here. Pactards are ride or die fans to the fullest.  Facts don't even matter to them, just conjecture and Bob's lines of b*******.

Comment by Ultra Strong on February 7, 2012 at 6:46pm

Have you been living under a rock, "lets hope Bob Arum WILL MAKE" the Pac vs Floyd happen.  Give me a break.  It was Floyd who rejected the 50-50 split and later rejected the 50 million guaranteed purse with a 55/45 larger split to the winner.  It is obvious the problem is not with Arum but Floyd. Stop using Arum as a convenient excuse to cover up for Floyd.  Floyd needs to step up after Pac destroys Bradley.

Comment by Ashyknuckles on February 7, 2012 at 6:29pm

Everything I need to know about Pacquiao was shown in his last heist against Marquez.  And Bradley ain't slick, but it's still a good fight.

Comment by Karceno on February 7, 2012 at 5:58pm

Well I don't think he is that guy because there is nothing slick about Bradley. Everytime I bet against Bradley he wins so I will again this time to see if he can keep proving me wrong.

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