IT IS WHAT IT IS - Pacquiao vs Bradley 2

"The Most Awaited Rematch"

by Val Soliman

IT IS WHAT IT IS - Pacquiao vs Bradley 2

You may find a million articles talking about the fight tomorow between the 8-Division World Champion and the Reigning WBO World Welterweight Champion. Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley for the second time around. While most boxing experts seems to believe that Manny Pacquiao's speed and power will beat Timothy Bradley's quickness and craft, casual and hardcore fans are somehow divided in their opinions on who is going to get the victory.

In reality, styles makes fights and the one who will bring his best in the ring will really dictate the outcome of the fight. Knockouts can happen usually in a slugfest. But both fighters are known to be fast and technically sound fighters. Both of them can box and brawl if they want. Manny and Tim have both undergone tough training than anyone may have thought. So expect that both fighters will bring and use all their weapons to take down the enemy target.

There are some things that are clear though. In their first encounter (June 9, 2012), Bradley tried to brawl with Pacquiao in the first half of the fight - and he is gaining less advantage. Manny proved to have more power despite of Bradley's more muscular physique. More power shots were connecting in favor of Pacquiao. In the second half of the fight, Bradley started to box and gaining more success although not inflicting significant damage to his opponent. Manny on the otherhand did not press the fight until the final rounds. Manny was the aggressor in the entire fight and seem to have landed more meaningful shots.

In the Marquez-Bradley fight, Bradley has imposed a different fighting style. He fought a pure boxer style. Marquez has to chase him and having to do so took out JMM's advantage as a counter-puncher. If Bradley kept coming forward, Marquez would have had more opportunites to counter. But Pacquiao is not Marquez. Manny is a better attacker than Marquez. If the equation is right, we will know the most possible outcome of this fight.

For Pacquiao, Marquez will be a tougher fight than Bradley
For Marquez, Bradley will be a tougher fight than Pacquiao
For Bradley, Pacquiao will be a tougher fight than Marquez

"It is what it is". The outcome of this rematch would pretty much end up the way it did in the first bout, unless someone got knocked out during exchanges. Expect that Manny would put more pressure to Bradley(because of his edge when it comes to power), and Tim would try to box more and move a lot to make it difficult for his opponent.

Another thing that can turn into reality is that a slower fighter like Ruslan Provodnikov was able to catch Tim and knock him down with constant pressure. This thing turns out to be in Pacquiao's favor. But Manny should also be careful to avoid the same fate he had in the Pac-Marquez4 fight. Bradley's record tells he is not a knockout puncher but he has a descent punch.

This fight might become similar to the first fight but the effort they are going to give for a definite victory would add more intense and action compared to the first fight.

Some people are predicting that Pacquiao's loss in their first fight would favor him in getting the decision in this bout. Thus, making some think that Manny will win the fight even if he maintains the same level of performance he did in June 2012. Belive itor not, judges in this fight will be under a huge spotlight as many fans and boxing afficionados all over the world would scream if another wrong decision will be announced.

One thing for sure. This will be a very, very competitive fight. A historical fight regardless of who wins the fight.This is one of the most talked about fight of the year. The importance of the fight for each fighter's career and the impact it would make in the sport of boxing is undeniably high. Excitement and tension is in the air. The world awaits.

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