J'Leon Love: Getting Torched by Floyd and Leonard - I needed that

Eventually, everybody needs to grow up. I've had my humbling moment and my grow up moment, so sitting there and getting torched by Floyd and Leonard, the conversation was not easy to listen to, but I needed that. I needed that.


I am young. I'm still learning. I'm definitely there mentally and physically. We made the right decisions for our career and I have the best team behind me.  It just opened up my eyes and I don't ever want to take another opportunity for granted again because you may never get them again or you may never know when you'll get them.


So, it definitely made me train harder.  The Rosado fight was an eye-opener, again.  That's something that goes on with your career, a controversial win over Rosado or something like that.


So, who wants that? People say that Rosado won or I won; I don't want to hear that. That's something that I have carried on with me for taking something for granted.


I've learned a lot and I've stepped my game up 1,000 percent and you will see that May 3.


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